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Originally Posted by The Expert View Post
Favourite what, punching bag? Him even being on the Habs roster is a win for opposing teams.
Yeah, losing a fight when attempting to fight with a pulmonary laceration... what a ***** this guy is

lol at those calling the Habs the softest team around with Parros, Prust, Moen and White who can drop'em.

Add Bouillon and Tinordi on D who are also capable of taking on some guys...

As for Parros "not enforcing anymore"... 9 fights last season in 39 games. A pace of 19 over 82 games. Almost fights only HW, yet, still finds a way to land a couple of punches in every single one of his fights, and win 50% of them pretty much every season.

Habs still got a long way to go before being called a "tough" team. But before talking out of your ass, check the facts:

Detroit, TB, Florida and Buffalo, just within this division, are not even to this team's level if it gets ugly. Even Ottawa looked better than they were in the playoffs this spring because of the matchups... I mean, really Zack Smith? Fighting a 37 years old, 5'8 Bouillon with a broken pinky, and then waiving to the crowd? Wow! You're got to be real tough!

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