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07-08-2013, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by billyhauntswizards View Post
The thing that makes me question all this BS that this team is "so soft and not physical" all of a sudden, is that I truly believe Torts preached less toughness this season. You can see it with Haley and Mashinter, specifically. Haley comes in and starts hitting everyone and then gets in a fight and demolishes Chris Phillips. What after that? I barely heard his name after that fight.....Same with Mashinter. Guy was a ****ing monster in Hartford (out of nowhere I might add) and he was brought up to be a 4th liner. He HAS played in the NHL before so I really find it hard to believe a 4th liner just **** the bed in his Rangers debut.....You could see it in some of the players, there's NO WAY Cally would've let McD get railed like he did by Pacioretty......and I also find it hard to believe Asham started playing like a Lady Byng winner when he got to NYR by coincidence. He had like what 6 fights? The venom was almost sucked from this team entirely, and I just have a hard time believing it was a coincidence (although the constant roster turnover could play a part). Maybe Torts preached no retaliation because he had no faith in our PK? I could certainly see him doing that........

P.S. It certainly wont hurt to have Ulf "Kneeme" Samuelsson behind the bench preaching crease clearing and hitting...

P.S.S Think for a second..........would we really be having a pity party about our toughness if Toronto had won that game 7 and we faced them instead?

Great post, I think it dead on. Only thing I need to address is manshinter played in NHL and fought super heavey weights like Parros and beat them, then came up took a penalty vs Winnipeg And poof he was done getting ice time

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