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07-08-2013, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
We wouldn't have beaten Toronto either because we had problems with their speed and skill all season.

So now it was Tort's fault that we were soft and easy to play against?
The guy was the best coach the Ranger's have had here since Roger Neilson and all I see the last month or so is a bunch of lame excuses from fans blaming Tort's for everything from no retaliation, lousy pp, collapsing defense and ruining young players?

Did it ever dawn on anybody that the roster we presently have is filled with more holes than a lb of finlandia swiss cheese and softer than a vat full of carvel? I guess not!
did you read anything I said?! It was a thought, based on evidence that is pretty solid. Because the whole the team's balls were cut off and fed to wolves act didn't just happen, I don't think anyone can attest to that. I didn't say this roster was perfect! I said NOTHING about powerplays (which are ABSOLUTELY his fault.) and all of those things you listed I said nothing about. Stick to the god damn subject at hand, and you have no intelligent retort, why'd you even write anything?

Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
Great post, I think it dead on. Only thing I need to address is manshinter played in NHL and fought super heavey weights like Parros and beat them, then came up took a penalty vs Winnipeg And poof he was done getting ice time
I knew he was a very powerful heavyweight, but I was implying he was becoming a very good hockey player in the A. Scoring some big goals, big hits, and fights, wheras in the NHL and most of his AHL career he was just a heavyweight.

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