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Originally Posted by billyhauntswizards View Post
did you read anything I said?! It was a thought, based on evidence that is pretty solid. Because the whole the team's balls were cut off and fed to wolves act didn't just happen, I don't think anyone can attest to that. I didn't say this roster was perfect! I said NOTHING about powerplays (which are ABSOLUTELY his fault.) and all of those things you listed I said nothing about. Stick to the god damn subject at hand, and you have no intelligent retort, why'd you even write anything?
I didn't attribute all of the excuses to you and only you! Why don't you re-read what I wrote and stick to the facts that I brought up?

Personally, I'm tired of reading all the stupid ******** that fans post here trashing Torts. The bottom line is this team which has had a flawed roster for as long as I can remember basically overachieved in 2011/12 in getting to the conference final and also in getting last year's team to the semi final.

Had Tort's coaching reign run it's course here? Yes.

Why do I bother writing anything here? I do it when I read a post here that is filled with hyperbole and nonsense that demands a reply!

Got it now chief?

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