Thread: Speculation: Richards' future on the NYR
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07-09-2013, 01:11 AM
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Originally Posted by frozenrubber View Post
Let's post some real numbers.

If Brad Richards retires, here is the annual recapture penalty:

Possible Off-season Retirement Dates:

2013* (until 2020): $1,523,810
2014** (until 2020): $2,166,667
2015 (until 2020): $2,966,667
2016 (until 2020): $4,166,667
2017 (until 2020): $5,666,667
2018 (until 2020): $5,666,667
2019 (until 2020): $5,666,667

*if he retires and becomes a monk this off-season
**if he's injured for the buy-out window, but retires during the off-season
Though the 5M is high, with the cap going up, the 5M does not necessarily put the Rangers in a terrible position. If god forbid he does get hurt this coming season and cannot play, and then cannot be bought out, we get a 2M penalty for the next 7 years... but if the cap goes up to 80M, that 2M would hardly do any serious damage.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong

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