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Originally Posted by 46zone View Post
That's just completely false. Philadelphia is a big time American hockey market, if not the top. They crush the 76ers in local tv ratings and attendance, and are very well covered on television (DNLand Philly Sports Talk devote big segments to them), radio (though most hosts know very little), newspaper, etc. The Flyers have a pretty big fanbase in the region.

One thing that's cool about the Flyers is that the franchise has an Original 6 quality to them. Rich history and tradition. Always a contender. I really don't see how this is a tough decision.
Couple things, the Flyers have a huge fanbase that is pretty obvious but when it comes to Top American hockey market's Minnesota is easily better and I'd probably argue that Buffalo is as well. The 76ers had 1 year in the past 3 decades that has actually mattered the fact that we crush them ratings-wise in a town where winning is everything isn't something I'm all that proud of, yet at the same time I still see his point. When you turn on the TV to watch SportsCenter or anything else the main talk of the town is #1 always going to be the Eagles no matter what time of year and lately #2 has been the Phil's who supplanted the Flyers when they won the series and became relevant again. In March and early April as the season is winding down and the playoff push is going on the Flyers are largely ignored by local media because of College Basketball. March Madness dominates the media through the whole final month of the NHL regular season EVERY year. Aside from the odd segment here and there of how everyone's favorite goalie said the universe was big or a quick 30 second recap of a game from that night that shows absolutely nothing BUT the goals scored TV media coverage is very lackadaisical.

Then there's radio coverage. LOL. I came home tonight listening to a caller suggesting we trade Coburn and Schenn (did not specify which one) for Weber and the host, (JodyMac) who by all accounts is pretty much ONLY a baseball guy; say that was too much to give up and we should try to get him for just Coburn and picks. The two stations in town are like picking the lesser of two evils, neither one of them talk hockey willingly and when they do they know nothing of what they talk about I don't care whose on. They know the big time names from the past and thats pretty much it. Neither one of them can be bothered to hire anyone who talks or knows hockey well, let alone spend some time actually talking about it. Macnow claims to be a big fan of the game but he doesn't stay current. I'm not up early enough to listen to Cataldi and Morganti (even if I was Cataldi annoys the ever loving piss out of me.) so I can't comment on them but from what I've seen of Morganti on TV he's much of the same.

Then you have printed media. First off, if you're still paying for a newspaper you've got to be almost 70 years old, or you use it when your dog makes a "mess". So as for online articles, who besides Meltzer actually writes and reports worthwhile things and does it well? The buffoonery of our "beat writers" is absurd. They'd rather stir up drama and run guys out of town then actually comment on what matters.

Originally Posted by Gustafsson View Post
It's not false. This is not a rip on the fans, it's on the media. The Flyers beat writers are a complete joke. Even their "hockey guys" like Morganti and Macnow know very little about hockey when push comes to shove. If you listen to either sports talk station, there is VERY little talk about the Flyers and when there is it's usually misinformed and shallow. For as passionate as the Flyers fans are in Philly, the media doesn't measure up. Flyers fans are very knowledgeable and can see through the phony media coverage in Philly.
This, 100 percent. The Flyers fans that are knowledgeable don't waste their time with it. They are here or at other communities like it.

Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
I agree the media can be a total joke but not for a lack of coverage, like at all. And to say that the Sixers get more coverage is just flat out wrong so at worst the Flyers are behind the Phillies and Eagles but the level of coverage in this town is insane so it's still more then the Caps get, It's really not a competition. Also Morganti is pretty knowledgeable but in general the radio scene in Philly is bad but who really cares about radio? Regardless the TV coverage is top notch. The Flyers even have a regularly airing show called the "Orangle Line" on CSN.

Again I agree that the radio talk shows in this area and a bunch of the writers in the area are a joke but there is plenty of quality coverage.

To OP, I really wish you knew more about hockey cause all you'd have to do is look at the current lineups to know which one to chose and that's without all the historic stuff (city of Philadelphia itself as well as the team).
So the media is a joke but their is no lack of coverage and that's ok why? I care about the radio because listening to song's played back over and over and over again is mind numbing. Talk radio is a saving grace at least it can be interesting or entertaining and is different every time. And Sports is what I like to talk (breathe) about. Granted I drive more per week then most people though as well due to my job.

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