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Originally Posted by Rafik Soliman View Post
the NHL (as we all know) did a major overhaul on their playing rules ... You could say, that the NHL has addapted itself for Swiss-Players to play in...
This is correct, but I think it somehow accentuates what I want to say. Maybe there were more NHL-ready Swiss players even before the 04/05 lockout but didn't manage to play in the NHL because of the playing style. That doesn't make them worse hockey players in my mind. They just like to play a different brand of hockey. If you look at it like that, hockey is a special sport in that relation; you can play it really physical or really unphysical, the game will be a lot different - but it's still hockey. Not everyone excells in the same facetts of the game and still all are part of the game.

McSorley is one of the most smartest hockey-minds in Switzerland, but I would never trust him to far...
Of course I don't just believe what some random guy says and I also know that McSorley is a cheeky monkey, but I looked at it from a fan perspective. As a fan I see that he signed a contract in Switzerland, I feel that he will sooner and more likely be a star in Switzerland - because we have less players of his caliber over here - therefore I don't like it if he leaves. Simple as that. Because I don't see the guaranteed benefit for Andrighetto.

Weinhandl???? Weinhandl had a serious eye injury even before he could start his NHL-Career... He even made it to the NHL with approx. 10% vision on his left eye... What made you bring up that comparison?
Well, in my opinion Weinhandl is a guy that by NA-fans is looked at as a guy that is elite technically but was too soft for the NHL, because in the KHL he is pretty successful. His eye injury (didn't know that) doesn't seem to hinder him there - why should it in the NHL?

So basically your saying, that Hockey is different on big ice and small ice... Which makes up my point even more, since there is no reason Andrighetto would make better progress towards the NHL in Switzerland... And I say it again: The question is not about the developement of a player (as I agree with stv11 and you, that he would make similar progress in Switzerland and Northamerica), but to prepar him for a professional career in the NHL and again we are far, far away from being a good league for a player to prepare for the NHL...
I think the NHL is the best hockey league in the world and if you are a regular player there, you are also one of the best. Playing with the best makes you better. But I don't think the NLA should have the aim to be a preparation league for the NHL. And why should it not be about a players development? Why is becoming an NHLer more important than becoming a good hockey player?

That is 2 different things to me. Because as I said, NHLers are the best in their league, with their rules, on their surface, in their roles. Would you say that every single roster spot in the NHL is filled with the best possible hockey players on earth? There was a time where I believed that every NHL player is a super skilled superstar, but if you follow the NHL more closely you'll notice that this isn't the case (and in the moment where I realised that I was a bit disenchanted) and that there are a lot of players in Europe who better know how to play the game of hockey, but just aren't tough or strong enough. Being physical is only 1 part of the game, not everything. Hockey is so much more, that's why I love this sport, but north americans don't like the game without fighting and hard hits.

Thank god, there is a difference between a Hockey-Businessman and a Hockey-Fan... They concern will always be their own team and never will be Switzerland or another league in Europe... Why should it be? They're hired to manage their respective NHL-Team and not Fans in Switzerland or another Eurpean-League...
Some very un-Swiss thinking right there... Another part where we don't think alike it seems. Players are not the slaves of those managers. Those who reign should do so in favour of the people - the players. Many Swiss players lost money and important career years because they got eaten by that greedy NHL monster. Why should a player whose dream is to play among the best in the world be treated like a commodity? Why should he HAVE to go to north america to get recognized in our globalized world? Those guys are billionaires but they can't hire personell in Switzerland to do a scouting job? Come on...
I see that the players get paid millions, I don't feel sympathy for them because of that. They shall do something for their money. But I'm not a fan of that "you have to do this and that or we don't want you" rubbish, it's complete nonsense. Andrighetto only has to go to NA because the GMs want him to - as a proof for commitment and so on, it's not like it will really benefit him personally at becoming a better hockey player. If the mindset of the GMs were different, he wouldn't HAVE to, just to be in the NHL one day.

This arrogant behaviour is a reason why more and more russians prefer to stay in their home country IMO. Why shoud he endure 40h bus rides and under 100'000 US$ per year if he has better competition and a better salay in the KHL?

But it's not that I completely don't see it. The NHL is the best league, if you make it you have a lot of comfort, the best competition and a great payday. Plus, glory and fame. If you want to make it there you have to play the game. And playing among the best will likely improve Swiss hockey.

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