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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
I think the health (or lack thereof) will be more of a determining factor on whether or not we are a top 10 or bottom 10 team

I think the off season has gone about as well as it could have. We didn't make any major lineup changes (other than Bryz) and we addressed areas of need (streit, VL and Razor) while being able to keep even Meszaros who, if finally healthy, makes our defense much better (personally if he's healthy the entire season I'd take Mesz over Grossman). Timonen is a #1, Coburn a #2, Schenn a #2/3, Meszaros a #3/4, Gus a #3-#5, Streit a #4/5 (depending upon how much workload he can handle) and Grossman a #5/6. We may not be as strong as many teams but that's far from a "BAD" defense.

Now all we have to do is to get our forwards to play more defensively responsible, lol. THAT alone would make our defense and net minding look much better.
This needs to be underlined. The system needs a shake-up, and the Flyers have to play tighter in their own zone. Puck-chasing made too many golden scoring chances and plenty of conversions all too available, plus they spent long minutes hemmed into their own zone several times per game.

First thing is to master the short, crisp pass to a teammate who is moving out of the zone. I lost count how often they gave up the puck in their own zone with an easy out readily available. Alternatively, the Flyer with the puck would simply fire it off the boards into the neutral zone as though they were on a PK.

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