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Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
So the media is a joke but their is no lack of coverage and that's ok why? I care about the radio because listening to song's played back over and over and over again is mind numbing. Talk radio is a saving grace at least it can be interesting or entertaining and is different every time. And Sports is what I like to talk (breathe) about. Granted I drive more per week then most people though as well due to my job.
Sorry that you actually care about the radio. For me I never listen to radio and neither does anyone in my family or any of my close friends so I just assumed no one gave two ****s about radio. To appreciate hockey you really have to watch the games IMO and for interviews and post game analysis etc CSN has it covered. There are also some decent writers for when I'm online. My whole point was though some of the media in this town is a joke there is so much coverage that you can find plenty of good writers/hosts. Again I never listen to radio so I can't really say who's bad and who's not but from what I understand they are pretty bad overall. Maybe someone else can help you out.

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