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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
Well, at least that's a good excuse.

Seriously though, people get so crazy the instant you speculate, especially about a fan favorite player. I love Joe Thornton, he is a great guy and the greatest player to ever play for our team, but my sentimentality for him has nothing to do with what is best for the team. I'm not suggesting we buy him out or dump him or something. I was suggesting, given a particular set of circumstances (if it comes down to JT or Pavs basically) we trade Thornton for a fairly significant return and start setting this team up for the next decade.

By the responses you would think I suggested someone knife him and leave him in a gutter somewhere. I have a Thornton jersey ffs, I love the guy. (It's a replica though... my Marleau jersey is authentic )

Why would it come to this though? $$ isnt an issue. Pavs is no spring chicken(29). And if JT is "declining" as you put it, what makes you think you'll get a "fairly significant return " for a 36/37yr old?? Unless you are trading JT this summer..

Originally Posted by Hatrick Marleau View Post
I think JT will play at a higher level than Pavs for at least 5 more years. Jumbo's game isn't speed based, it is based on his playmaking ability which isn't likely to vastly decline. If we could only keep Pavs or JT I would trade Pavs.

JT is on a level all his own, Pavs is good.

Originally Posted by OrrNumber4 View Post
While he has had injury problems, I think that in a vacuum, Stalock has done enough to merit a look as an NHL backup. Sateri may come in and surprise, but he also hasn't earned an NHL slot.

So if Sateri comes in and outplays Stalock, the Sharks should trade Stalock.

Wouldn't you say that Thornton is the smartest of the lot? He easily has the most hockey sense.

It is just that, Pavelski isn't 22. He's 29. He's a very good player in the prime, but given his size and history, I don't think he has more than 6-7 years of hockey in him. Thornton would appear to be leaving his prime, but I could easily see him having 5 more years of relevance.Of course, this is just in regards to Thornton vs. Pavelski. In reality, you try to keep them both.

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