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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Yeah I guess that's a good point. Though in both of those cases there were different circumstances. Bure was a pretty amazing goal scorer, which will get you more of an edge when getting into the Hall (60 goals twice, 50 goals thrice) and Neely kind of started the whole "power forward" and hard-nosed net play that we see in the NHL today, and he scored 50 goals in less than 50 games one season. Lindross really did none of those things, and had a lot of off-ice issues. I don't know if the NHL has guidelines like the MLBHOF has, but if there is off-ice criteria, I could see a lot of voters shying away from Lindross because of the difficulties throughout his career (not just injury related). But I do see your point about Neely and Bure getting in, which would seem to indicate that Lindross could get in. I wouldn't be upset if he got in, but I personally wouldn't vote for him.
One 's' in Lindros, DFF.

Lindros was a combination of size & skill that had not been seen before. Statistically, he was one of the greatest of all-time before injuries levelled him off. Lindros was dominant over a 8-9 year period, which included a year off due to injury. This doesn't even include his representation at the international level, which was pretty stellar for one of the world's greatest hockey nations.

There are players that you know when they're on he ice; today that's guys like Crosby, Malkin & Ovechkin... there aren't many. The only player better over the entire decade of the 90's was Jagr. And, as many have mentioned, the HHoF selection committee already called Neely and Bure to the Hall, so Lindros will make it in eventually.

I don't know if it will be this year due to some burned bridges within the hockey community, but he has been making amends and will be selected for the HHoF soon enough.

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