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Originally Posted by NWShark View Post
Staal was an absolute stud, Whitney played great, they rolled 3 scoring lines and had great play from their D and the goalie was great. Didn't get too injured too.

That being said, it's almost always luck and will especially be so in the era of the cap as parity has completely taken over the league. Teams just don't dominate like they did even back in the early nineties. You can probably blame the trap and clutch and grab hockey on that as well.
Even back in the early 90s, save for Lemieux's Penguins, teams didn't really "dominate". They didn't blow out teams every game. They won a *lot* of close games. Stanley Cup winners should be able to do the same.

Plus, we've seen some very strong teams over the past few years.

Originally Posted by NWShark View Post
You can find something lucky about almost every team thats won the cup in the last 30 years. Lack of injuries, opponents missing open nets, opponents suffering important injuries... the list is lengthy.
I always say that typically, in the playoffs, the best team manages to win. You don't play a one-off series. It is a 7 game series; over the course of those 7 games the "best" team is going to win the majority of the time.

Injuries can change who is "best", but as always, it holds that teams play injured in the playoffs.

My issue with Carolina's run is that they played one team that utterly collapsed, one team that had one of the most injured roster's I've ever seen in a conference final contestant, and one team whose backbone went down. You very rarely see that kind of stark differences.

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