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Originally Posted by NWShark View Post
I'm looking at it from a fans point of view. I would much rather watch the sharks over the last 20 years than the canes over the last 30...

Here's the real deal. THere is luck involved in winning a cup. I would rather have a chance every year to win it instead of basically hoping for the stars to align once in 34 years... the difference between Carolina and the sharks? Carolina plays lotto and happened to win once. The sharks are investing intelligently and slowly building their fortune. It may not pay off for them anytime soon but the have a pretty enjoyable life while also having a shot at the brass ring every year. The more chances you have the better your odds.
Carolina played the lotto and won and the Sharks are investing intelligently? You really want to sell yourself the bs, don't you? Just because you make the playoffs doesn't really mean you have a shot at winning it all. That's just what people tell themselves to make them feel better when they lose to a better team.

The cornerstone guys haven't gotten the job done through their prime. That's the bottom line. This team isn't going to get much better than what it is and what it is right now is not a team that is capable of winning four rounds.

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