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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
Whether it's two or one, it makes no difference when you're comparing it to a team with zero. I'd take what the Canes have done over the last ten years over what the Sharks have done in the same time frame in a heartbeat. Wouldn't even think twice about it. I can't see a reasonable argument against that because again sports is about championships, not your win-loss record.
No sports is about entertaining the fans. As long as they are happy and buying tickets the team is happy. Winning the cup is merely one way to gain fans and publicity, not the only way. Last time I checked the sharks sell out every single game, while some teams with cups fail to. I agree every player wants a cup, that's their goal, I as a fan though want to watch fun hockey games and hope for the shiny prize at the end. Winning games like the sharks do every year does that.

I'm not going to say you are wrong for being willing to watch crap hockey for tens years to win one cup at year 11, and then suck for another ten years, but I will say I'm completely opposite of you. I'd rather watch great hockey for twenty years and win one cup, then watch 20 more years of great hockey.

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