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07-09-2013, 12:02 PM
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Strength is a huge, huge issue when talking about hockey ability. If you haven't been on your ice-legs too long, you won't have a hope of putting up numbers against people who have been playing ever since they could walk. The muscles you attain playing hockey all your life are muscles that never really go away, but they also take a long time to develop as well.

With that in mind, strength is what makes skating "easy". All of the shifty maneuvers that you want to be able to do come from your simple physical ability to pull them off. I guess my point here is that the longer you skate, the stronger you'll get, and you'll find that these quick and graceful skating movements will come to you more or less naturally.

There is a large element of knowing your own balance as well. Once you get up there in speed, just try to see what the limits of actual skating are; how far you can lean into a turn and how quickly you can make it, how quickly you can stop, whether a wider or narrower stance is better for what you're doing at any given time, etc. Being a good skater comes from experimenting on your feet.

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