Thread: Proposal: Rangers/Hurricanes
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07-09-2013, 12:19 PM
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I always thought the brothers angle was way overplayed. Rutherford loves the staals and will do anything to get them all, I've never been convinced the brothers had that big an itch to play together. Sounds like Eric gave Jordan a nudge to get him on board, but I doubt Marc is aching to move to Carolina. They probably all enjoy creating their own identities away from each other. Sound like Eric and Jordan are very close as well, like best buds close. I don't know that Marc is that joined at the hip as jordan, but I'm obviously not a staal family member so who knows. I'm just not convinced when Marc goes fa that he's gonna run our way and for a fair price. I think his not being 100% may make him easier to pry from the rangers, but again who know?

I think he'll have great value to the canes even at 80%. He's a strong stay at home d, we need that. I think it's weird to have all four brothers, kinda sideshow gimmicky. I'd rather find someone else.

Faulk for staal just isn't paying attention to reality. We need more Faulk, and that's why we like one out for the other just creates the same situation we already have. It doesn't help us any. Collecting a staal doesn't justify it.

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