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07-09-2013, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by oilersrule14 View Post
I don't know how much people are overrating Belov as opposed to just going by MacT's comments that he expects Belov to make the team. And with Larsen, Potter, and apparently they still want to add one sounds like Klefbom will have a lot of competition. Even if he plays well, he might just lose out because he's the youngest.
possible, but I think if we add one more it also implies there is a good chance we also ship N Schultz out. So it doesn't change much. I would expect Mac T to say he thinks Belov will make the team. I mean why else do you sign a 26 year old. things change though, I don't think it is any guarantee and if Klefbom continues to impress, they will make room for him on the team.

we will see come training camp any way.

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