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Originally Posted by Superstar Shane View Post
My woman and I will be visiting Chicago in a couple of weeks. We're only going to be there for one day on our way down to Missouri. So I'm looking for, food-wise in particular, a few suggestions for places to stop to get food that you can't find anywhere else. My standard procedure for these kinds of visits is to watch the city's Man vs. Food episode, and that would lead me to Gino's East (which some in this thread have recommended, while others have recommended against), Al's Italian Beef, and some sandwich shop near Wrigley that pretty clearly ripped off Primanti's in Pittsburgh.

I'm definitely leaning towards Italian beef for lunch before we leave town. So I suppose I'm asking first of all for suggestions for a good Chicago-style pizza. A place with a good beer selection would be ideal.

Any can't-miss stops for breakfast, or anything else we might want to consider? And how is driving through the city on a Wednseday evening-Thursday morning going to be? We're staying at the Ramada in Waukegan (which, now that I Google its location, is actually quite a bit farther away from the city than I realized). Would there be any public transportation options I'd want to consider in lieu of driving? Or are we going to be too far from downtown for that?

Thank you, folks.
Yea, I would also say to avoid Waukegan. It's just too far. There's a train into town, but it'll take you over an hour. I'm sure there are better options if you're on a budget. Maybe something around Rosemont?

Originally Posted by mikeedgexxx View Post
hey guys, I'll be visiting Chicago with my family in two weeks. I would juts like to know recommendations for sites to visit, food to eat, shopping centers/stores, theatres/comedy shows. Thanks
Depends what you're into. There's something for everybody here.

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