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07-09-2013, 01:41 PM
Karl Eriksson
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Originally Posted by Dick Whitman View Post
A few problems with your example.

1) The Patriots make money before selling a single ticket to a game

2) The Boston Metro area is 4.5million, and that's not including all other nearby New England populated areas. Fans travel to Pats games, Sens fans generally do not. Ottawa's metro population is what, 1.2million?

3) A Casino is a license to print money. There is 0 risk with owning and operating a casino.

4) There's an outlet mall coming to the area in 2014.
None of these are reasons agaist Melnyk aspiring to build the Patriot Place model at CTC. You just invest to scale with the right partners. What I provided is a model that can reproduced to fit Ottawa's market.

I agree a casino would be a profitbale piece of "Senators Place", but I don't see Melnyk talking about a great vision. I see him whining like a kid and threatening legal action because of a decision made at Queen's Park that he is powerless to prevent.

You start with a vision of which a casino is a part, not the other way around.

Move on, and build something special at CTC.

I don't see why any of us should care that provincial gaming rules will lock him out of getting richer. There are lots of ways for him to make a buck, and Queen's Park has taken away the easiest one. Move on to the next.

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