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07-09-2013, 02:01 PM
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Can anyone name a better retired player over a 700 game period than Lindros who is not in the Hall of Fame? (actually, a better player with 400 or 500 still works... probably even lower tbh.)

Nope... because there are non. Forsberg comes close, and he will be in anyway.

This fallacy of the 'bar being lowered' in regards to number of games played is non existent... it is an absurd slippery slope argument.

No more of 'these' kind of guys will get in, because apart from Lindros and Forsberg there are non.

Tim Kerr, Rick Martin and Ziggy Palffy are the only other guys retired in the same situation, over a PPG but with a shortened career. Would anyone mistake those guys for being in the same class as Lindros and Forsberg? No. They were no where near as good, had no where near the impact on the game, had few awards, had less PPG and were not 'superstars'.

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