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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Eller's earned a chance. Hell, I'd rather give Galchenyuk a chance.

We had a great PP last year. We don't need Briere for this. So why give him the minutes (which we'll have to do for him to be effective) when we could give it to younger guys who need it?

You are standing too close to the painting and can't see the big picture. Take a step back and think about it for a second from a team perspective. Were we too small before? How does adding another small forward help? What are the implications of this from a wholistic perspective. Don't just think about Briere's stat sheet. Think about what we really needed and what we went out and got.

It really doesn't matter if this guy puts up 50 or 60 points. As a whole, our team is way too small. Adding Briere means we'll be pushed around even more than we've already been. It screws everybody on the team because it's another guy who needs protection when we should be getting a player who could protect those who already need it. 5 small guys on the team just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. And those points would be scored by committee of younger players. Eller, Galchenyuk... give those guys the easy minutes. Eller for sure has earned some. Briere isn't going to add anything to our team, he's just going to take opportunities away from guys who should be getting those points.

And now our younger players are going to be blocked by a guy who isn't part of our future and isn't going to lead us anywhere. He doesn't bring any dimension other than what we already had.

Adding a bigger player to play with our younger guys is what we really needed. Failing that though, we'd have been better off not doing anything at all and just moving Prust up to play with the Gallys.

Know why? Because nobody is big enough or strong enough to go to the net and be effective. Gallagher at least tried. We don't go to the net and it kills us. We are a team of perimeter guys and Briere does nothing to change this. He isn't going to do anything for us here. We needed a big guy to go the net and cause havoc. Briere isn't that kind of player.

Again, stop looking at the spreadsheet. Stop focusing on individual stats and start thinking about what this move does for us as a whole. We already have an offense with tons of guys that can score. Problem is that we're too small. So why go make us smaller?

If one of our top 3 c went down we could've just replaced them with Galchenyuk (who should be developing as a center anyway.)

Moreover, flip it around. What happens if say Max or Bourque (or God forbid both) go down. We're going to ice a line of DD, Briere and Gionta or something stupid like that? I mean for **** sakes dude, 5 shrimps up front is absolutely stupid. How the hell can our GM think we can win a cup this way? 4 was already too many and everyone here knew it. Now we have 5? For real? What the hell is this guy thinking?

But Briere is going to help us in tougher matchups? On this team? With a bunch of other smurfs?

C'mon man...
Anybody who is dumb enough to think Briere is THE answer to our problems here and makes us an instant contender doesn't know all that much about hockey. This move was made to add scoring depth, on a short-term deal, so we have the flexibility to wait for players to be available for what we want to pay, OR wait for a young player to become what we expect them to become.

Bergevin took the best way to improve the team short-term without compromising the future. It's a 2 years deal to a player who wants to make an impression, and it lets him flexibility. Is anybody here expecting this team to win a cup within two years? It's CLEARLY obvious we're not there yet. We still have to wait for some young players to grow, and some key acquisitions to come. And that key acquisitions is not about paying a 32-40 points player to a 7 years deal worth 5.25M a year.

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