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07-09-2013, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
You really don't think that his actions which pissed off many of the people responsible for voting on such things are going to have an impact? People are petty. It happens. Just look at how long it took Shero to get into the Hall. That's not because he was somehow undeserving; if he were coach of Toronto and had the same accomplishments he would have been voted in long ago. But, he wasn't...he was the coach of the Broad Street Bullies, a team that many old-schoolers hated and considered a disgrace.
I didn't say it has NO impact. I listed off-ice issues as part of the reason why he hasn't been inducted and why I don't think he should be. I think the other reasons are equally part of the equation. Big picture. If you just look at PPG and how he played is his, let's face it, limited time on the ice over a 15 or so year career, there are going to be a ton of guys who are going to get in becuase, well, they were good when the played. I know Bure and Neely got in and people are saying Forsberg will probably get in. I would probably and will probably have the same arguments about those players. There are other factors involved in those players as well. Like I said about Bure, he scored a ton of goals, which is going to make you more attractive to voters. Neely basically invented a new type of playing style (or at least perfected it). To my knowledge these two guys were well liked (or at least not disliked) and neither were issues off the ice or in the locker room. Those are all +s when it comes to voters. Lindros had some pluses but also had the negatives. It is what it is.

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