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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
According to capgeek, yes he is.

And why would Jagr with his egoistical mind and never playing 3rd line anywhere in his career will join the Rangers in a 3rd line minutes role at a discounted rate? It's not like the Rangers are contenders, so I don't see why he would even sign here in the first place if his goal is to win (which it's not, it's all about the $$$$$$).

I think it's laughable to suggest Pouliot is close to the caliber of player Prospal is. Prospal has been CBJ's leading point scorer the past 2 seasons and was only 4 pts behind Nash in 2011-12. He also put up very high PPG ratio with the Rangers in his short stint here. Pouliot has never been close to Prospal at any point in his career. Pouliot can hardly get top 6 ice time on Tampa Bay. He averaged less than 14 minutes per game with the Bolts last year and less than 12 with the Bruins the year before.
You really need to stop calling Jagr egotistical it is getting kinda ridiculous. He is well past the years where he was egotistical. He was hardly as such during his time here, if at all. The only issue was the contract he wanted from Sather in order to re-up and stay with the organization. He still had gas in the tank and felt he deserved the money he wanted. There was never an issue with his role on the team. There hasn't been an issue with his role on his previous teams the last couple years. He was not the main guy in Philly. He was not the main guy in Dallas; may have had more responsibility because they are a younger squad with less talent. He was absolutely not the main guy in Boston. You never heard any bad press about him the last few years. It's not all about the money for him. How in the hell is it? He signed with Philly because they were considered a contender. He signed with Dallas because that was what was out there for interest last off season. When he arrived in Boston he was very happy to be going for a cup run. Just because you say things, does not make it true. Find me articles with quotes from that it is all about the money before you spew out ********.

Not to mention here he could very well be the 2nd line RW. Callahan gets pushed to 3rd line RW. It is not a demotion for Callahan, it is probably what AV prefers given the system he likes to play. Having Callahan get pushed down to be part of that "shut down" line that can also provide offense is perfect for AV's system.

And I never said Pouliot was of the caliber that Prospal is. You can put words in my mouth all you want. All I said is at this point in time, Hagelin-Kreider-Pouliot as our top 3 LW (for the time being until the deadline) makes more sense than Prospal on that side. Pouliot is only 26 years old. Of course he hasn't put up the seasons Prospal has, he hasn't been in the NHL that long. It is quite honestly a stupid comparison on your part.

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