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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
Mason playing out of his mind was more of a reason why he looked good. He was still facing upwards to 40+ shots during the final stretch. He made Lauridsen & the rest of the defense look better not the other way around.
I noticed the defense finally were able to keep shooters to the outside, not much around the crease action potting in rebounds.

To answer some other points people brought up:
Yes I like Manning too, he seems to play better while up, but fact is in the AHL Lauridsen was solidifying the defense on a team that let up a lot of goals, how does he manage such a huge disparity in Plus Minus then the rest of the defenders and players on the team had embarrassing minus ratings?
Using some of these penalties and turnover arguments against Lauridsen is misleading because his 2-3 major incidences where isolated in the first 2 games to 3 shifts while he was getting acclimated with his teammates and surroundings, plus he bounced back and made up for those errors very well. He eventually got comfortable and played very well in the rest of the games, even in areas we did not expect him to (offensive).
It would be more constructive to ask the staff to hire skating trainer/coaches for Lauridsen instead of *****ing about his flaws, work on doing something about them to make him more complete.
Coffey helped Therien to skate faster and better, it can be done with the right trainer and methods. To often Flyer fans would rather devalue their players and harp on them instead of grooming them to be the best they can be.
I guess it's just me, I come from an ideology that life is all about being complete and whole and the best we can be, progressing in stages to become what we should and could be, and that is our purpose and essence we need to reflect and manifest in ALL aspects of life. We have in this world those who want to trash and decay our being and those who want to nurture and progress and improve our being, 2 natures we get to choose, thus what kind of life we live or world we have depends on those choices.
Choose to help your team and players not trash them, just as you'd want to choose to help your humanity and planet and not trash that.

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