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Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
Can you name these other players that Lindros is going to open the floodgates too? The other players over 1.1 PPG and even a few hundred games played?

I'll give you the answer... Kent Nilsson... that is it, Kent Nilsson is going to ram down those flood defences.

There are hardly any. There are not 'a ton of guys'. Lindros is top 20 all time in PPG if you include his whole career, heck, he was #6...ever if you go to 500 games. There are 22 retired players in the history of the sport with over 1.1 PPG (regardless of number of games played.) and Lindros is 15th in this list.

This would not be a vote on 'potential' or 'what could have been' this is a vote on what was and what he did... even with his problems, this still equates to one of the best 20 forwards of all time.

Imaginary people are who are going to get in the HOF because Lindros is, to me, does not seem a great argument for keeping him out.
The problem is where do you draw the line? If they have that pace for 400 games is that enough to go to the HOF? What if they have a higher pace in even fewer games? And again, the argument is that I personally don't think he's a HOFer because he wasn't on the ice enough and there were office issues. He was dominant for parts of 11 seasons or however many he played in. The last four years of his career was average at best and that is being generous. He also had the office issues. Those are the arguments against him from my POV. The argument for him is that he was a great player, which I understand. I just happen to think he doesn't deserve to be inducted into the HOF because of the aforementioned reasons.

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