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Arenas and Foundations

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Ya it wasnt always like that though, as in "back in the day", the 20's right through the 60's. When I started in house league as a forward early 60's, cost was absolutely minimal, the goalie supplied with equipment, shared amongst the teams. Then when I took up playing net, you could buy new pads, gloves, goalie skates etc for about $200 all-in, less if you did the exchanges, buying used. Cooper was the leading manufacturer at that time, GP pads from Jr-Sr ranging from like $50-$300; blockers & trappers, GM3-12, full range, maybe $40 for the set to $200 by the early 70's. Plante Fibrosport mask $30, or if you went custom, $125, Plante or say Harrison. If you were elite or played on a school team, the teams had deals with retailers or direct from the manufacturers, wholesale prices, some of it free, supplied along with jerseys, pants, socks, gloves & helmets. It was within reach of everyone really. Registration fee's including practices minimal. Boys Clubs in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg etc. Store-rooms full of gear used year in year out by those who couldnt afford even skates. Really kind of sad to see whats happened through the late 70's on. Now youve pretty much gotta be upper middle class to even entertain the notion of putting your kids in hockey.
Major difference between the USA and Canada is the cost of renting arena ice. In the USA the vast majority of arenas are privately owned, while in Canada they are publicly owned - mainly municipal.
The difference in the hourly rate will surprise people especially when the "real cost" after subsidies, sponsorship arrangements are factored in. Basically comes down to political clout.

In most Canadian hockey jurisdictions there are foundations, community groups - Optimist, Kiwanis, etc that get involved so it is very rare that a youngster will be refused. Exceptions would be youngsters with parents who feel they are entitled to a "free ride".

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