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07-09-2013, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
I know, right?! What to do when hockeydb leads you to expect one thing, while those who actually watch the games tell you to expect something else???

Originally Posted by Galcherock View Post
52 playoffs points in 45 games the last few years says HELLO.
Gomez's 16 points in 17 playoffs games with the Rangers before coming to Montreal says HOW YA DOIN'? But Briere's 0 points in 0 playoff games last year says SO WHAT? But it's not even how many points he can help a line put up (Habs did fine scoring last year, even on the PP), it's whether or not he helps a line score more goals than they allow (which WAS one of the weaknesses of the group, particularly in the playoffs)... which is what most of the doubters are doubting, btw.

Originally Posted by Galcherock View Post
He could very well have a great season if put in the right spot. Had a bad season last year as some other players cause of the lockout and hard schedule. Negativity is very omnipresent aroud here lately. wow.
On the topic of Briere? Yeah, go figure. Lots of excitement regarding even a minor signing like Fournier, but I guess you choose not to recognize the good when you see it; just the bad.

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