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07-09-2013, 05:55 PM
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Whether it's true that Cherry said that or not (Isn't the Sun un-reliable?) I have a problem with this quote;

On the new junior rule disallowing European goaltenders:

Don: “Three out of the four goaltenders in the Memorial Cup were Europeans. Let me explain what happens because I owned a junior club (Missisauga Ice Dogs). They don’t bring over young European goaltenders to train them. They bring older ones over. So our kids don’t have a chance. Our younger kids are backups. And when that older goaltender from Europe gets too old, they just go an get another older goalie, and we don’t have a chance. I don’t believe that they should be over here. It’s a Canadian hockey league for Canadian players, that’s what it is for, in fact they had a little motto “For Canadians to Learn Hockey” but they took that out. I believe the Canadian Hockey League is for Canadians...and you have to have Americans , I mean they have Canadians over there (American franchises). To tell you the truth I’ll let you in on a little secret...most of them (teams) don’t want them (Europeans) over here, but they are caught in a situation they can’t get out of. Canadians should always be first.”
I don't think that's right, out of the goalies this year only Makarov was a European. In the last 5 Memorial Cups there's been 2 European goalies in total (Grubauer (sp?) the other). There's 4 starting jobs per Memorial Cup so out of 20 spots, only 2 were taken by Europeans. That's 10%.

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