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Originally Posted by CS View Post
1. I'm completely against moving Coburn and going with Meszaros. Meszaros is a health risk. Coburn is not, and on top of that, Meszaros has done nothing to prove he's a better defenseman than Coburn. The same reasons why Coburn nets an awesome return against Meszaros' bag of pucks return are the same reasons why you want to keep Coburn over Meszaros. Our mission here is not to downgrade the defense; it is to upgrade it.

2. I want to convince Timonen to stay one more season after the next so that we have one more year bridged before Gostisbehere comes out of NCAA and Hagg comes out of Europe. If that's not possible, we take a severe hit defensively as we should expect, but Streit and Gustafsson can handle to the top 4 PMD responsibilities. I have no problems with that if it's our only option. It's a sucky position, but it's better than extending Meszaros an extension under the prayer that he stays healthy.

Again, we're not even sure if Meszaros is a better defenseman than Coburn anymore let alone Gustafsson. When he briefly came back for the 2012-13 post-lockout season he was atrocious for all of 11 games until he went down again with another injury.

It's exactly the same as the deal with Bourdon. You don't know if Meszaros healthy is returning even remotely close to the level he played at before if he's even returning at all. Expecting him to just pick up the slack after moving Coburn or extending him hoping he can partially replace Timonen is a ridiculously bad idea.
I agree, Mez is the guy to lose unless you have another deal involving Coburn that bring back another BETTER d-man. And even then, chances are the salary is more than Coburn then you have to move Mez anyways.

Also, this is why you do not sign a player like Gevais for 2 years. It wasn't needed. I know he van be sent down still without hurting the cap but it still takes up a contract spot when other guys like Blum are out there this year for free.

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