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Originally Posted by Spawn View Post
A competent management team could have made us better without us having to draft 10th, 1st, 1st, 1st, 7th. I love having Hall, Nuge, Yak... but man at some point we need some returns. They aren't there. MacT doesn't get to start over again. This team is now in year 4? 5? 7? of a rebuild. When are we going to get some returns.

The Blue Jackets finished 30th place a year ago. A calender year later they finished 9th just out of the playoffs, added Bobrovsky, Gaborik, Nathan Horton and completely revamped their forward group.

It's such a giant lie suggesting that we need to be this bad for this long to build a successful team. Few teams in NHL history have been this bad for this long.


Great. This year we needed to bring in handful of good NHL players to make this team complete. That didn't happen. All that's happened so far is we've moved out two NHL centers for one and marginally improved our defense by adding a #4/5 d-man.

So frustrated by this team. So frustrated being told to be patient. I've watched 7 years of the team being awful. When do we get our pay off?
Part of the problem IMO is that we've become fixated on picking up the "right players", as in we look off players if there's one thing wrong with them.

Can't sign Penner because he likes to induldge in a pancake now and again. Even though he'd help the roster.

Can't sign Jagr (apparently) because he's slow and can't keep up with our speed game. Even though he'd help the roster.

Don't make a serious push for Seguin because he likes to party and didn't dominate the playoffs at age 20. Even though he'd help the roster.

I mean seriously? We should be making hard pushes for all three of the above players, but no, they gotta be the perfect fit in every way, it's just stupid. Beggars can't be choosers.

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