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Originally Posted by Mr Sakich View Post
I have been as big an oiler apologist as anyone on this forum but, enough is enough. There is no excuse for this team to not spend to the cap this year. What good did the excess cap space we had last year do us?

We don't have to sacrifice any youth. There are ufa that will make us better this year that we could sign to bloated 1 year deals. It doesn't matter if we overpay jagr, Grabosky, hainsey, or even Penner. All of those guys would improve our line up.

After we dump hemsky, sign gagner and MPS, we should have 11 mill to spend. If Katz puts that in his pocket again, I am going to lose interest come the first losing streak. After 6 years with no playoffs, he owes it to the fans to do everything he can to ice a winner.
The money thing is what I don't understand. MacT says he didn't want to overpay for UFAs and then he makes Clarkson some asinine offer, but doesn't open up the wallet for guys like, well, any one of the players NSH signed. I'd rather have overpaid Matt Cullen and Nystrom. I'm sure the concern was ensuring cap space for Yak and RNH but guys like Cullen are valuable and easily tradeable even with a slightly over priced contract. And if you only get a pick or prospect back, so be it. The UFA cost you only money to sign and you've restocked the cupboards a bit.

Part of me hopes for continued failure because any success just means Lowe sticks around longer. Pretty obvious where all the bad ideas in this org start. You change the pieces under him but things stay the same. There are two constants with the Oilers: Kevin Lowe and failure. This isn't a coincidence.

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