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07-09-2013, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
Every team gets lucky +/- the same amount throughout the course of a playoffs or season. Chicago wasn't anymore luckier than Boston, or Pittsburgh, or Detroit. They were the better team, which is why they won.

And again, were we just unlucky against PHX?
I'm not saying those teams weren't. Every team that wins a Cup gets lucky. It's part of winning, in every sport, 1 different bounce, call, play and you can lose. Injuries, bad streaks, coaching mistakes etc.

It takes SO many things to go just right to win a Championship in any sport, but more so in hockey then most, that expecting to win is almost a guarantee to fail.

Maybe the next 5 years the Hawks don't get so lucky. Maybe Hossas back injury is worse then we realize, maybe Toews starts to suffer from multiple concussions, maybe guys like Hammer or Shaw regress, maybe everyone brought in doesn't click with the team and mesh right away. and so on and so forth.

The Blackhawks are built and positioned to be a top team for many years and a cup contender and favorite for sure. Whether they win those cups are not comes down to everything I just listed and more.

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