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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I don't know if I'd agree with the last part of that statement. He's not in the top 100 for points, not in the top 100 for goals, and not in the top 100 for assists. I'm not sure where he ranks exactly in those categories, but if hes outside the top 100 in every major category, i think saying he put up numbers among the greatest of all time is disingenuous.

He's in the top 25 for PPG, but again that's not enough for me to vote for him to get in.
You're basically punishing him for not playing long enough, and it's already been determined that that isn't really something to knock someone over, unless you're willing to kick a few players out. Bobby Orr is 11th all time in points for Dmen, yet he's still considered the greatest offensive Dman to ever play. He's only 11th because other players put in over double his 657 game career to amass them. Top 25 after playing several seasons as a shell of himself is still really good.

You really don't think a guy who is the 25th best point producer (Out of however many thousand players have come through the ages) over the course of his 760 game career (Definitely an adequate sample size) should be in the HOF? Those are some insanely strict standards.

Edit: Ooooh, Desjardins is 39th and Timonen 48th. For Dman ppg.

Edit 2: Mike Bossy is a HOFer. He has 8 less games played than Lindros. I'll start writing the HHOF to let them know he needs booting.

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