Thread: News Article: (THW) Nashville's Free Agent Flops
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07-09-2013, 09:29 PM
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To the OP:
Sorry, dude, I do not think you quite understand the hockey system Trotz and company seem ready to redeploy in their 'Back to the Future' mantra. Size, grit, character, 4 lines of virtually interchangeable forwards are essential. And those of us who do follow this team know it was missing something in the room last year. I think some of these 'sheltered' role players you are 'pu pu'-ing may be a better tonic for the roster than a 6 million dollar headcase or a sign and send to the operating table Horton would ever be.
Am I thrilled with this lineup? No, I would be lying if I said that. However, when Seth Jones falls to you at #4 you have to show some adaptability. I think that is what this management team has tried to do. The actual FA crop was pretty sparse to begin with. They made a plan and executed it on day 1. You have no way to know if they were in on Seguin, Vinny, they obviously pitched Briere hard. This is not an easy market to sell to FAs especially after a down year. If you seriously want NP readers from here perhaps you should spend some time on these boards to get a feel from some of the knowledgeable long time posters about what makes this team tick. And maybe get a better thesaurus and spellchecker (sorry, I was only a couple credit hours from an English major and I could not resist).

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