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Originally Posted by TheStranger View Post
For instance?

I've become all too aware of how few multiplayer campaign games there are. Just my luck, I find a girl who doesn't flip out and leave when I play games, wants to play them with me...and there's been like 4 games in history on 360 that have full campaign co-op.

Edit:That is, games with more than a 5 hour campaign.
Portal 2 has a fantastic coop campaign. Portal 2 is one of the funniest games I have ever played. It is not toilet humor like many other games but rather sharply written jabs at the player(s). I would recommend getting it on PC if at all possible. Tons of user created content to play. If you want a real time sink then Minecraft on PC not the **** version on the Xbox. Tons of mods that really expand the game. Feed the Beast adds a ton of stuff related to industry, science, technology, farming, and magic. Many other modpacks exist that a ton to the game. Terraria is fantastic especially when played with a friend, girlfriend, etc. It is a Metriodvania mixed with Minecraft. More co-op games exist on the PC if possible look there aswell. A few I would recommend Sanctum 2, Orcs Must Die 2, and Magicka. You can find a ton of coop games just spend some time researching.

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