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07-09-2013, 09:47 PM
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Everything I've ever read/heard about Hunwick shows that he is a humble team first kind of guy. If MacKinnon wants that number he just has to whisper in Roy's ear. Roy can go to Hunwick and act like he wants to surprise Mac with the number....or Mac can just talk to Hunwick about it.

I've been both the scrub of the team and one of the better players entering a new team and had to deal with this situation on both sides. As the bench warmer I wasn't too worried about picking a new number....but if the new guy turned out to be a ******** it might have bothered me. I have never been exceptionally skilled, and maybe that makes a difference, but I chose not to take the other guys just felt sleazy when I thought about it.

Hunwick may be a journeyman, but he is a veteran who has worked his ass off to make/stay in the league. If MacKinnon chooses not to take the number away he will gain respect in the locker room, especially from the grinders on the team.

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