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07-09-2013, 10:16 PM
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I just started playing 4 years ago (at 25) I didn't want to wear a visor. I had just learned to skate, I could pass well and stay infront of the net. The only thing I could do to help my team was block shots. Ian LaPerriere was a huge influence for how I played and how I could help my team. I then took a slapper to the cheek bone, got stitches, came back the next week. After my next game Lappy blocked the shot from the point that ended his career. The next season I put on a visor. Kept blocking shots, and took nothing off the visor at all, so I'd switch back and forth depending on the skill of the guys I played with. Bought a new visor last Christmas as I played with a new group who wristed laser beams.

That's when I did something stupid. Buddy circled away from the net, along the boards, and up to the top of the circle. I knew he was gonna shoot. I did what I always do, I read what was happening and just before he shot I dropped to my knees. I didn't even see the puck leave his stick and I felt my head rattle. The puck hit my visor, snapped it in half, it sliced the side of my nose and through my upper and lower lip. 30 stitches later I wear a cage from now on (Just used a hacksaw to take off the horizontal bar that goes across the eyes so I can see better).

Yes, I was back playing the next week

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