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Originally Posted by InformTheMasses View Post

Regarding Strome playing wing or center: I have long compared Strome to Logan Couture and think he should be treated similarly. Like Couture, Strome has gone back and completed his third and 4th seasons in CHL. Then played a handfull of games for his teams AHL affiliate. The following season Couture started the season in the AHL and played about half the season and just dominated. I expect Strome to do the same (start in Bridgeport this year and dominate). Once Couture came up, he got his feet wet playing his first few season on the wing of an established NHL Superstar Joe Thornton. Strome will have an opportunity to do the same. Once PMB gets hospitalized (by December/January) Strome will step in and become JT's winger for a couple of seasons. Then when he's established will go to the 2nd line Center behind JT as a 22 or 23 year old and form a two headed monster up the middle. Ryan Strome is a true center through and through, he will perform best there (eventually), but for his development, the best thing for him is to skate along side #91 for a little while until he can dominate on his own.
I believe Seguin did the same, starting on the wing. He's going to be Dallas' 1st line center this season. I like Strome as a center eventually too. I just think with Nelson hanging around it will be better to have him playing with JT.


Strome also is ranked the 7th overall best prospect by HF for what it's worth.
Originally Posted by Jester9881 View Post
Since I'm getting hammered on two fronts from multiple people....

I will say, right now

1. Griffin Reinhart will be at least the second or third best defenseman in camp. Whether or not he makes it is anyones guess, but he's ready.... right now.

2. Ryan Strome will be moved to wing

If I'm wrong, I'll change my name to BeiberFan7 forever. Does anyone here have the stones to bet against me?
I agree with you about 2. And I also think Griff is ready, but IDK about being the 2nd best Dman we have.

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