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07-09-2013, 10:37 PM
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I guess I missed the rule that said veterans are required to give up their number if a #1 Overall pick has it as well.

Hunwick will most likely give up his number to MacKinnon, but I agree, he shouldn't be forced to do it.

And think of it this way, if MacKinnon HAS to get a different number, you know he's going to #22 as soon as he can, so you could get a MacKinnon jersey with a different number and it would be a collector's item...much like the Sakic 88 and the Stastny 62 jerseys!
Remember when Gretzky first entered the NHL as # 64? Not saying MacKinnon is Gretzky, but he's much closer to Gretzky than Hunwick.

Players are identified with numbers. There's also a marketing aspect to this. Jersey numbers that are double digit have more appeal with fans than otherwise. Are you seriously going to let Matt Hunwick tie up 22?...Matt Hunwick?! Come on, now!