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07-09-2013, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by OnTheBrink View Post
The time for the Oilers to win is not NOW, keep in mind the sore of this team is in its teens and early early 20's, Oilers fans including myself are just becoming impatient, the time for this team to contend is 14/15 season and moving forward, I am more happy that Mac t didn't rush the rebuild and trade away any of the stars for quick fixes, then anything. Lets not jeopardize years of contending for a few years of making the playoffs..
It may not be this season, but it should be before Nurse is ready to be an impact player. The better logical decision would be to trade him for help. But I'm not expecting to change anyone's mind here about that. I realize this is "Hockey's Future" and that most here have hard-ons for prospects above all else.

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