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07-09-2013, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by BlowbyBlow View Post
hockey is a young mans game, teams who build championships build cores. Yes edmonton has a good forward group, but i wouldn't call any d-man on the oilers a top 25 or even 50 dman in the league, petry?, smid?, on a championship team there probably a 4-6 d-man even that.

How about a goaltending you really think there going to win with Dubnyk. This team has so many holes and still does but its because there only success has been drafting.

They can't develop well, they can't attract ufa's, and the horrible trades they have made (see stoll/greene for vishnovsky for whitney trades) Therefore if you get a #2-3 d-man in nurse you take him because you rarely get a d-man gift wrapped like that.
My point exactly. So you trade the pick to fill those holes. This team should be in the playoffs before Nurse is even ready to play in the NHL, let alone be an impact player. If it does take longer than another 3 years to get into the play-offs, then just shoot me right now.

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