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07-09-2013, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by 1993 View Post
Bridge contract and RFA years are there to protect the GM's and owners from themselves. Nobody is saying PK did not deserve more money. It was actually refreshing to see a GM use the CBA properly. MB is trying to set a precedent for future bridge deals.
That's just silly.
If that's the case, why did he sign Galchenyuk to a 3.2M cap hit already? He has a precedent for bridge deals but not ELC contracts?? Explain to me how PK is worth a 2.8M cap hit for 2 years at that time?

MB lacked vision on that move. The only reason people refused to admit that was because they believed he was going to use the extra cap space saved to sign other players with it this summer, but so far none of that has been done, or that it was to clear us room in order to be under the cap, and again that's BS as we still have 5M free.

Bergevin set himself up to have a bunch of contracts needing pretty significant raises at the same time. Not sure how you view this as him using the CBA properly.
PK, Eller, Emelin and Diaz will all require significant raises. All of them are likely to have 100%+ increases except for Emelin (but will still get a raise).
Gionta and Markov are coming off the books, but that doesn't mean letting them go will improve our team. Matter of fact, I don't think it will.

PK will be eligible for arbitration next year, and I don't see how an arbitrator goes under 7M. Not sure how that is using the cap wisely again. Just for one and a half season..

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