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07-10-2013, 12:58 AM
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Originally Posted by BlowbyBlow View Post
that statement is almost taken verbatim, has very little grounds. do you seriously think that keith, toews, seabrook, and kane think they have only 2-3 years yet to win.

Not bloodly likely!!! Jim nill said a very important thing that people should take note. He said you identify the core age of your group and that's how you build.

Lets say for arguments sake d-man its much older (taking longer to develop and be established vs a forward who has less of a curve)

Wouldn't you say that a team like Edmonton probably is closer to being a chicago type team in terms of core age of group, vs a L.A. or boston team.

Why would we build a team for short term success like L.A. or Boston have done since they have older cores, when we already know we have ayounger core group that has high reward in comparison to those teams.

I am not a fan boy of prospects either but unless you can do a 2-1 swap thats going to give you depth on any position why do lateral trades, or backward trades.

Also if this team is building to win in a 2-3 year period vs a 10 year period like Chicago then they have even failed worse.
The only thing that Edmonton and Chicago have in common are the similarities in age between our young core and Toews/Kane. Other than that, the two teams aren't comparable at all. Dale Tallon augmented his roster with older, more experienced players to ease the transition for Toews and Kane and they also had Seabrook and Keith who wallowed for years on bad teams.

If talent alone wins Cups then Crosby and Malkin would have four or five by now. All of this talk about contending for a long period of time is a pipedream. If the Oilers ever start making the playoffs consistently they'll likely get one good shot and they'd better make it count.

The Blackhawks are a special group and their management team is impeccable. They aren't the norm. Especially in today's league.

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