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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Dubnyk played fine last season. Would I have preferred an upgrade like Luongo? Sure. But Dubnyk kept us in many games when we were outshot badly. He falls into the 'an upgrade would be nice, but it's down on the priority list' category.

We do need another LW for sure. We can't go into the season with the left side we have. Shame Hartikainen signed in the KHL, but oh well. We need a player here, and it should be someone with size that can play in the top 9.

If I were GM, Vanek, Ruutu, Kulemin, Penner, is who I'd target, and in that order. I'd be willing to part with Hemsky, N Schultz, any picks, and prospects not named Nurse or Klefbom. If none of those teams were interested in moving those guys for a package involving those assets, then I would just sign Penner and be done with it. Because the D and C also could use work, although if those had to happen during the season, it would probably be ok in terms of our playoff chances.
The way things are shaking out here in UFA, that LW still might have to come in a trade. What I would do if Im hoping to acquire someone via trade later in the summer, and people might disagree, is sign Mason Raymond immediately. They have plenty of room under the cap and he can plug in there if need be. If you're able to acquire a guy via trade, he moves right down to the third line. He's versatile and versatile guys are pretty valuable on a team that is probably going to mix and match a lot in a year like this. Yak has to play RW. He was just to explosive there not to. The only other real option I see in UFA to slide into that 2nd line is, and dont laugh, Vinnie Prospal. He's still being paid by TB, and he showed a ton of loyalty to a team like Columbus, who looks like they're not resigning him. You'd have to give him the two years though. He still produces, he's a professional who competes at a high level and he still can score.

I've looked at a lot of teams and who they may be forced to move. There's some guys out there but seriously, unless it's a Steen or Perron, why really make the trade. The Oilers arent the deepest in their prospect pool so giving away might not be the smartest move right now. I'd honestly like to see how Prospal would fit in with the team. I think it would surprise some people.

On the trade front the only guys I'd really make a BIG play for are James Neal or Vanek. I would put Clifford on that list but in acquiring him, you'd be letting he and Raymond fight it out for that 2nd spot.

There's still many options at that left wing spot. Moving Hemsky might help in acquiring a guy like Vanek but really not any of the others. They're more salary related and as we know, that $5 million isnt going to help going the other way unless it's a Buffalo type team.

One team that we've heard some rumblings about is Florida. They would probably take Hemsky. Could they get Fleischman and Kopecky in a deal? Kopecky is a pretty versatile guy himself and had 15 goals last season. Fleishmann kind of regressed a bit but he could be a very good 2nd line secondary scoring guy. Both player might be had for Hemsky straight up.

Still a lot of fun speculating. I HATE Mason Raymond. Generally though if I hate a guy, I'd like him on my team. The Kopecky one is very interesting. He brings a lot of toughness along with a scoring touch. Something they dont have a lot of.

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