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Originally Posted by Joey Moss View Post
Jim Nill mentioned in his press conference today how important it is to have solid centers, defense and goaltending. All three are the weak points of our team, which is why I don't believe we're going anywhere anytime soon unless Craig can pull something out of his ass. The way our team is being built is very worrying to me. Guys like Yakupov, Hall and Eberle are premier players but if I could have a lineup that has say, Nuge - Benn - Sutter down the middle with some 30-40 point guys on the wings I'd take it any day over them. That's just how good teams are built.

Let's see what Craig can do, but I don't like where we're heading. Especially in the new division we will be going into. Look at Ottawa. Spezza - Turris - Zibanejad down the middle, the best defenseman in the league and two fantastic goalies. Not to mention size and grit all around their roster and now Bobby ****ing Ryan. I envy that team. I wish that's how the Oilers were built TBH.

We're stuck with small, skilled forwards, three of our 4 best players being wingers, a dreadful bottom 6, an inconsistent goalie, and an average defense right now. On top of that we suck at drafting and have limited assets to make any moves via trade, now we hear the news that MacT probably isn't going to be able to accomplish much of what he wanted and we will likely be talking about the draft instead of the playoffs yet again this year while Kevin Lowe will still be sliming his way out of our problems. Ugh.

I'm pretty much just really frustrated right now. If it were up to me trading Yak and/or Eberle for some quality depth and size would be in serious consideration at this point.
You'd almost have to think about it due to the reasons you gave. If Gagner can only be a bit on the larger side. I wouldnt move Yak right now for anyone really. Not after watching him the last ten games or so. Way to explosive. You are right though. Something long term has to be done up the middle. As of now though, there's not much choice. You can make a trade and fill in some spots but a big time player isnt coming back in return unless you move an Eberle. And then what do you get? It's a catch 22. They need RNH to take a major step forward and get a 3rd line guy with some size. I think that's all they can really do right now.

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