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07-10-2013, 08:02 AM
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Originally Posted by OrangeCrush10 View Post
True also but baseball more so then other sports it seems as long as you get in the playoffs anything can happen. The 83 win cardinals won the World Series a few years back. The Rockies in 2007 and there's a few more mediocre teams that have gone on to the World Series and some have won it. So I guess if there close I'd rather stand pat at the deadline and sell in the offseason I we fall out of contention.

Edit: I would trade either Ruiz or micheal young now however to try and get a bullpen arm since there contracts are expiring anyway. I think this team will be the same with Kratz behind the plate and it asche at third.
I would be more ok with standing pat and then dealing at the winter meetings and next deadline than moving people, but I feel Amaro will make a move. If it's with Michael or Delmon Young that's one thing, but if it's with Biddle or anyone else showing promise like Fanco, then it's a bad idea.

I know that if they make the playoffs then anything can happen, but this team isn't that good, and isn't that healthy. If you look at the teams that have won the WS they have been either very good at one of hitting or pitching and average at the other, or they were above average in both. Right now the Phils have an average offense with a below average ERA. The pitching should get a little better with Hamels having a better 2nd half, but they're still probably going to be average at best in both.

EDIT: I mean moving people as in buying, not selling.

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