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I am still in the middle on Alain Vigneault. I am one of those guys who believed that Tortorella could have helped us win the Cup. But then again, I believe some things were in need of change whether it was his fault or not, and thus I am happy to have brought in one of the best coaches in the last few seasons. I think he is everything I wanted in a coach but we shall see how he actually fits in... Honestly, dont have to high of expectations for this year and no where near the hope I had when Torts first arrived. But it will be exciting...

Like for starters, this thread.
Three assistant coaches. 2 assistant behind the bench coaches and 1 in the suite boxes viewing like a hawk. I got to admit I like it a lot. I love the idea, and so far the picks for the jobs were solid. But idk how GREAT they were...

Ulf Samuelsson.
Ex-NHL Player, as we all know, ex Ranger player. Won 2 Stanley Cups known as one tough SOB in a very tough era of hockey. Became an assistant coach at a kids team and worked his way up into the AHL. I am sure that was not to hard for him and I am sure many head coaches loved him.

With the Wolf Pack, Ulf managed take over a great position working for a great AHL coach with some great talent. But no further info there. Will try to see how he managed the team and how it was effective. He then became assistant coach under Wayne Gretzky in Phoenix. Under Gretzky, Ulf I believe had similar duties to what he has now. And the shots against, the PK and overall defense was pretty bad. One of worst consistently.

It was not until Gretzky quit and Tippet took over that the entire Coyotes were revamped and became an overall better team. Ulf in his 1.5 years experienced a much better defensive team and PKillling team. He then went to coach in Sweden, MODO. A once successful club and program was crashing hard and Ulf got his shot at head coach. In his first year he almost brought them to the division 2, fortunately they won the relegation game and kept in the top flight. The second year he took the team to 8th seed, made the playoffs and lost in the qtr finals. Idk why he left but now I think it was for this assistant coaching job with the Rangers where he will serve as assistant coach, work with the defense and PK.

Overall, I love the guys resume. He is liked by many different head coaches, some of the biggest names. He is not only an ex-nhl player and will be a great tutor for this players now but he was also a Ranger at one point and knows how to win. This roster will eat this up and learn a ton just from that alone. I dk how to judge an assistant coach much except that you look at the team stats of what he controls. Like Sullivan, not so good with the PP lol.

Ulf, I am sure hes had his rough patches but overall taking over this def corps and dynamic forward groups for special teams should be a bit easier than most teams hes been around. A bit. Learning from Gretzky era, Tippet era, having AHL and youth experience, having been a successful NY hockey player and a tough one at that and having coaching and playing experience in Europe (being Swedish) is something I TRULY LOVE about this signing. But questions arise to see if he can do it in NY.

Scott Arniel
Also once an NHL player, but once retiring he quickly made a name for himself as a coach. He moved up the latter quickly working alongside Lindy Ruff. He then became head coach of the Moose, and worked with AV as he took over the Canucks position. Under his coaching, the Moose were an elite team and it seemed as though the entire organization fit well with one another. Having made the playoffs several years in a row, and losing in the Calder Final. Seems exactly like the Vancouver Canucks in NHL terms during those years.

Then took over the Columbus Blue Jackets. A team not so packed with talent or depth. But he coached Brassard, Moore, Nash and Dorsett during this time. He had drama with Brassard, as Brass was a 6th round pick and was shown limited playing time. When his playing time did come, it was usually on the 4th line. When given proper minutes and on the top 6, Brass showed a lot of promise but for some reasons he would change that consistently. Brassards agent lashed out in the media saying Arniel was using Brass as a scapegoat for the team. With or without Brassard the team was one of the worst during his time. Though I will mind you that the team stats under Arniel were not to shabby. I believe he posted a good amount of shots a game and the team did improve its quality of play. But with no depth, some injuries, and lack of talent in goaltending, defense and offse... there wasnt much use. He was fired and then took over the MOOSE (now in chicago) where they missed the playoffs.

So a lot of useless drama, and I wonder how he and Brass (a now fan favorite and upcoming young star) can co-exist especially since Scott is running the offense and PP. I like to believe that Arniel had no issues with Brassard personally and like Torts did with Kreider he simply wanted to play him but did not trust him in many situations. Sadly, these players are not bottom 6 guys and hopefully Arniel and most importantly AV will realize this.

I also like to believe that Brassard and Kreider are both more mature of players and people. I like to think both Brassard and Arniel learned and grew from those years. I hope that AV will thump any form of issues like that and help fix any broken relations. And I hope the other 2 assistant coaches know how to make this team into a family, if 1 is out of line or seems to be strict or forceful.

I really like the idea that is going on here... just, theres a lot of questions which I guess is the fun part of watching sports

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