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07-10-2013, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I don't think a lot of people understand the Briere signing. Really, the only reason it makes sense is on the short term. So Bergevin wanted a skilled veteran winger on a short term contract, that's fine, but a small player like Briere? Not sure I get that one.

I'm not one to go all high school teenage girl drama style, so I didn't join in on the hate. I don't think it's as bad as some people are saying. I think he can bring an offensive dimension to our team simply because we don't have good set up guys like him. I can see him do some good next to Plek-MaxPac, or Eller-Gal/Prust.
In any event, I will be pretty upset if DD starts the year yet again with MaxPac.
Who else can they play him with? I mean seriously, we didn't add any other big wingers so who else can DD play with? Bourque maybe...

I guess we could hope that MB goes out and gets an over the hill Morrow to play on our club but at the end of the day having DD is a big reason not to get a guy like Briere. I wouldn't hate this move so much if we were say Boston and wanted to gamble on a bounceback by the little man. But for us it really hamstrings us because we need bigger guys to play with the players we already have. And signing Briere makes an already acute problem worse.

Just going through the lines in my head now...

Bourque Plecs Briere
Max DD Gionta
Galchenyuk Eller Gallagher

Its going to shake out something like this I guess... though I'm not sure if Galchenyuk goes on the right wing or not...

I just shudder to think of Max and Bourque going down with injuries.... scares the hell out of me. 2 of the three lines already have two shrimps on them. I'm not sure if they bring some 4th liners up and have skilled guys on all 4 lines. That might be the only way for this to work. Maybe Prust comes up but then you have to relegate one of these guys to the 4th. It's not going to be Briere so I'm worried that Galchenyuk (a guy who should get better ice) is going to draw the short straw.

Maybe the best way to do it would be...

Bourque Plecs Briere
Max Eller Gionta
Prust Galchenyuk Gallagher (I actually think this line makes sense)
Parros DD White/Moen

Still that's an awfully weird lineup. I don't know how you really make sense of this group because we've got shrimps and goons. If you play the shrimps together it doesn't really work. If you play the goons well, they can't play hockey so...

But I think you can expect DD to play with Max.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I'm not one to go all high school teenage girl drama style, so I didn't join in on the hate.
And when I read stuff like this it makes me wonder what you are talking about. When our GM makes dumb moves, he should be ripped for it. When posters say crap like "high school drama" it's just such a transparent attempt to dismiss the criticism. There's tons of reasons to hate this move. And there's tons of reasons to be really upset about it. Saying **** like this doesn't have any place on a message board.

People are angry about it and they have a right to be angry.

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