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Originally Posted by Reinhart View Post
Good skater? Check
High-level vision? Check
Size? Check

He was a gamble most certainly, but his ceiling is high. I don't look at him as being a huge 'boom/bust' type - if his skating was bad, or his hockey-IQ was terrible, then he would most certainly be a boom/bust player. However, I think his 'floor' will probably be a 3rd line center. He didn't look out of place in his first prospect camp with Baertschi and Gaudreau. Looking forward to seeing how he looks among the more skilled Flames' picks this time around - especially a direct comparison to Monahan, who is only 1 month younger.

I know HF loves to trash Jankowski after Feaster's ******** comments - I feel sorry for Jankowski because of it, actually. Not his fault Feaster had a really big mouth.

I am really high on him NOT because of what Feaster said about him, but how he is progressing in the NCAA, how he looked at the last prospect camp, and all the other factors that went into him that most people don't really care to look up.

This upcoming NCAA season will be really telling as to what level he will be at. Will he be a 'superstar'? Probably not. He COULD be a very good #1 center, or he could end up being a third liner. He could also bust - but after watching some providence games and factoring in his huge growth spurt, his weight, his previous level of competition and coaching, lack of size in whom he was playing against (18 or 19 year olds max - 24 year olds in the NCAA now), etc., and the fact he finished at better than .5PPG in his first season in the NCAA - this pick is starting to look LESS likely to bust. Anything can happen still - but he is now 190lbs and keeping up to the NCAA.

The worst thing about this pick is what Feaster said about him. I think he should be ranked an 8.0D myself. MAYBE a C, though once again, this upcoming year will really start to show what kind of a prospect he will really be after his considerable move up in leagues and just 'getting his ears wet' the first season playing wing.
I agree with this 100%. I really like Feaster's drafting. I just wish he could find someone else to talk to the media about it.

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