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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
Didn't feel like isolating the paragraphs so i just spaced out my replies.

The Cap will be a problem when the Oilers have to re-sign all the key players. RNH, Yak, Schultz and Petry will be due for big raises in the next 2 seasons and need to bring in good, complimentary players.

Says management. They planned on competing for a playoff spot last season and fell woefully short. I would think that the next step is making the playoffs.

Chicago already had an established, proven team. I'm talking about when Chicago started to compete. The Oilers are light years away from following the Chicago model even when it was in its infancy stages.

I don't see how the Oilers bring in a legit top pairing Dman, 2 way top 6 center or top goalie without dealing one of The Big 5 eventually. Free agency hasn't been kind to the Oilers outside of the pure dumb luck of landing Schultz.

How long should management remain "patient"? At what point is it not acceptable to miss the playoffs?
There will be ways around our cap problems... Teams like BOS\PIT\CHI and PHI would be drafting top 10 picks if they also worried about cap problems in 2 yrs.. They always find a way.. so will we..

With Khabi\Horc\Whitney gone our best players are making best dollars... I dont see us get stuck with cap issues. We will always be better than 10 other teams when it comes to cap issues.

I dont think finding a 'legit' starting goalie would be an issue... Lets see what Dubnyk has to offer.. There will be plenty of option next year.. Goalie market is pretty saturated now.

Dealing one of the 'big 5' would be stupid at this point ...

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